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About us

egoPERFECTUS is a direct way to excellence for those who waste no time or effort. We provide individual consultations concerning educational services for people who know their goals and needs. We can achieve anything as we are leaders of personalised education in Lithuania: we have the most renowned consultants for personalised education, the most up to date learning material and unique personalised education methods.

“Ego perfectus” Ltd. is the leader in the Lithuanian and Latvian personalised education market. The company is a part of the educational enterprise “Kalba” group. This group also includes “Kalba.Lt” and “Kalba.Lv” in the Lithuanian and Latvian markets, respectively.

Language school “Lingua perfecta”, established in 2005, realised the importance of individualised learning, joined the “Kalba” group with the new name of “Ego perfectus” and took a firm step into the field of personalised education. The company aims to understand the client’s needs, goals and provide with personally created educational proposals.

The company employs best-known specialists of personalised education, secondary education and higher education from Lithuania and abroad. egoPERFECTUS consultants and trainers use only the most up-to-date learning materials and originally created training programmes.

Professionalism, experience, original methodology and values ​​of the company enable to provide personalised education services of the highest quality in Lithuania and Latvia.

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Rytis Jurkėnas

Rytis Jurkėnas

Professional career consultant, owner of the group of educational companies “Kalba”, which includes “Kalba.Lt”, “Kalba.Lv” and “Ego perfectus” both in Lithuania and Latvia.

“We live in a rapidly changing world; therefore, it is essential to keep improving yourself in order to be successful. My strategy is to learn something new for as long as I live, as it is not only amusing but could also be pleasurable. Being a qualified medical doctor, I also have a diploma in management. I am an entrepreneur, and consulting on professional career is my true passion. Career consultations through advanced methods and tests help a person to choose the most appropriate path for future career.

I came to realisation a long time ago that in order to be the best at what you do you have to progress. For that reason, I personally have visited more than a 100 universities and secondary schools worldwide, thoroughly analysed educational systems and teaching methods in highly developed countries. Global market shows that everyone is an individual with a unique set of knowledge and abilities. When it comes to knowledge, the situation is quite clear – it stands as a priority and most of the teaching time is dedicated to passing it on. Unfortunately, very often a person’s abilities are neglected during this process. This is where the secret of a career lies: discovering the strengths and enhancing them through individually prepared training methods and systems.

Personalised education, which aims for an individual excellence, is the foundation of a successful career.”

EgoPerfectus direktorė Aida Sodienė

Aida Sodienė


“I’ve been consulting clients regarding study programmes abroad for more than ten years. I’ve visited many secondary schools in Europe, USA and Canada. In order to expand my professional knowledge I have also attended educational conferences in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada and USA. I am well familiar with education systems in different countries, and I’m an expert at knowing the advantages of the schools worldwide.

Years of experience in the field enable me to recognise just how important a decision to study abroad is for parents and the student. Every child is different and unique, and each of them seeks to find one’s most suitable path.

By applying professional knowledge and experience and being absolutely person-focused and attentive, personalised education, as I see it, shapes a very individual path to suit each child’s personal development.“


The company egoPERFECTUS is located in the prestigious, easily accessible central areas.


We work according to the originally developed methodologies that help to clarify your goals and needs for a successful personal development.

training experience

We have been cooperating with many famous foreign educational partners. Therefore, you will have the access to the experience of the most prestigious academic institutions abroad that are leaders when it comes to the quality of service.

of the highest competence

We employ only most recognised teachers and counsellors who are experts in their field. Most foreign language teachers are native speakers. With their help you will gain the knowledge that is most up to date.

of individual needs

We do not have one learning programme to suit everybody, as we use individual programmes only. Therefore, you will get exactly what you need to achieve and even excel your personal advantage.


We only apply individual educational programmes and the most suitable forms of learning, so that learning becomes easy and interesting as well as effective in the process of personal development.