Pasitelkite egoMAPPING metodika - studijuokite užsienyje

Personalised education

egoMAPPING – the methodology which helps to clarify the needs and expectations regarding studying abroad.

What are the benefits of egoMAPPING methodology? It actively involves parents and children from the very first consultation. The first encounter is for parents and a student to state their reasons for studying abroad. This is followed by a discussion with the student when goals, desires, visions, fantasies and feelings with regard to the future are vocalised. After a thorough analysis of parents’ needs and the student’s personal characteristics, actual or potential skills, we are able to offer a list of the best secondary schools abroad.

Some of the suggestions may even come as a surprise, but this only proves how important it is to carry out tests like this when priorities and potential are set straight. Following these consultations egoPERFECTUS specialists analyse the received information and look for the best educational proposal that specifically suits the set of skills and characteristics of that particular student.

After selecting the most suitable option for studying abroad, parents and children are invited to attend the sessions where all the information relevant to the chosen institution is provided, documents are prepared, accession process is coordinated, a plan for academic preparation is presented, and departure organised. All of this is accompanied by discussions with the tutors. This will make all further processes go smoother and the student feel more confident as the lack of knowledge of how institutions in other countries operate may not only affect a student’s self-esteem but also jeopardise their candidacy in general.

If there are any questions after leaving the academic institution abroad, egoPERFECTUS specialists kindly assist parents and students with them all.

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Services of personalised education

Individual language courses

We teach different foreign languages ​​in Lithuania and abroad depending on the individual personal, group’s or company’s goals. Based on the egoTRACKING methodology, we identify their expectations, find the most effective learning styles and suggest the most appropriate individual language training solutions.


Study abroad

Professional consultations concerning the studies abroad. The egoPERFECTUS experts use the original egoMAPPING methodology that helps to identify the students’ and parents’ needs as well as choose the most appropriate options for higher education at the best universities abroad.


Career test

The original career test egoCOMPASS was developed in the UK and egoPERFECTUS is their only representative in Lithuania. It is a tool that helps to identify unique personality characteristics, interests in certain activities and the most appropriate directions of specialisation. A secure path to a successful self-development.



Professional subject tutors, using the original egoTRACKING methodology, establish the most acceptable learning style which is also accompanied with the list of subjects promoting motivation. They prepare an individual learning programme adapted to a particular student.


Secondary education abroad

The experience of the professional consultants, cooperation with prestigious secondary schools around the world and the egoMAPPING methodology allow us to offer the best secondary education and exchange opportunities for students. Students’ individual characteristics, abilities and needs are the prime focus when selecting the options.


Language camps abroad

Language camps abroad are great for learning a foreign language and for personal development. We collaborate with the organisers of best language camps around the world that follow the same egoMAPPING methodology. We are confident that we can offer the most appropriate camps abroad for the development of children and adolescents.